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Stress Awareness - DR Top5

This year, we are sharing 5 top tips to manage work related stress.

We know that exercise is a fantastic way to manage stress. Depending on the type of exercise, we can target stress in different ways. From high energy stress busting workouts to mindful restorative ones. With our favourite being the nostalgic, fun sociable workouts spent singing and dancing with friends.😉🧡

When the pandemic hit, we all said we had learned to find a better work-life balance. But since the world has returned to normal, slowly but surely we are seeing more and more people not only returning to pre covid stress levels at work, but the work life balance becoming even worst than ever.

With us compelled to work beyond our limits and over stretch our own capacities as we navigate through the cost of living crisis, we now find ourselves in.

Stress can be very good for you, but when does too much stress become unhealthy?

Why not add your favourite stress management tip to our list!?

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