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Decades Reloaded H2o

  • 32Steps
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We want to help as many people with their mental health and wellbeing as possible by making Decades Reloaded accessible to more of those people who could benefit but are unable to participate in a typical studio based class. We have thoroughly tried and tested, translating the Decades Reloaded format into a "watered" down version of the class. By being in the water this reduces the impact on the body, making the class more suitable for people who need a low impact class that is still full of fun and energy. The Combination of cardio and toning elements ensure an effective workout that strengthens the body and mind. During this certification, you will learn about: What is Decades Reloaded H2o? Physical Benefits of water based exercise Mental Health benefits of water based exercise Teaching water based exercise The pool Pool safety Properties of water Class planning Applying DR in the pool Music Finding work/Marketing 5 Steps to fill up your classes cup

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