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I have been teaching Decades Reloaded since launching in September 2019 and building supportive, connected communities ever since. I designed Decades Reloaded to manage my own grief after suddenly loosing my mum in 2016 and struggling to maintain my personality disorder. I felt completely alone and the only place I could express how I was feeling, was dancing out every single emotion. Using nostalgic music that bought back positive memories and associations. Placing myself at the front of the class, sharing the dances, created from a place of true emotional release. Forming social connections with the community coming along to my classes for the same experience. To improve their mood, feel supported, happier and not alone. To "dance our way to a better day!" Classes are more than just that time in class dancing, it's the community connections offering support inside and outside of class.

Gemma Black

Gemma Black


West Mersea

Originally starting out as a participant of Decades Reloaded through Lucy, I soon fell in love with the music, atmosphere and the positive effect it had on others. Instantly I wanted to become part the Decades Reloaded experience in order to offer feel good, immersive  and a positive experience to others as well as my bubbly personality. Having battled with my own mental problems, I discovered that dancing to music that influenced me throughout my life allowed me to express myself and re-live some wonderful memories. Coming from a dancing background, I had the basics but being able to incorporate dance with fitness and mental well-being, it takes the concept to another level. The main thing I want people to take away from my classes is a happier versions of themselves.

Hayley Anderson

Hayley Anderson

Group Exercise Instructor

Ripon and Online (Zoom)

My current Decades Reloaded class times are:

RIPON- Thursdays- 6pm Allhallowgate Chuch Hall (term-time)

ONLINE- Wednesdays- 9.30am (alternating weeks)

ONLINE- Wednesdays- 6pm (alternating weeks)

ONLINE- Saturdays- 9am (alternating weeks)


Please check the booking page on my website for full details of my schedule!

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