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You'll also learn how to build a well connected and supportive community. Discuss finding the balance between supporting your clients and taking care of yourself.Everything you'll learn on your training will provide useful and transferable skills for your other group ex classes and day to day interactions with others.

Mental health matters


Now is the time to be really focusing and understanding mental health in our fitness communities and an essential part of any fitness professionals offering! We will discuss the effects of exercise on mental health along with how we apply this to your classes in your training!


Decades Reloaded®️ is a unique concept supporting clients mental health through dance fitness and would be a fantastic addition to your timetable! 

Unique training

This training will teach you far more than how to lead and market a dance fitness class to great music.

You'll learn to better understand mental health in fitness, recognise if your members are struggling or in crisis and what to do. We will discuss typical mental health related barriers to exercise and how to support your clients to overcome them.


Becoming a Decades Diamond Instructor


As the saying goes "Diamonds are forever" and as a Decades Reloaded®️ instructor you will build your own community of Decades Diamonds that will want to dance, sing, support you and each other forever. 

You will learn about the science behind the class format and choreography and how we construct the perfect class and choreography to lift your participants mood, improve their mental wellbeing and leave them wanting more! 

Enjoy our fun choreography workshop where you'll work together to create your own piece of Decades magic, putting into practice all the skills you have learnt throughout the day.

You're in control


You will learn all the tools and techniques and how to apply the Decades Reloaded®️ key principles to your classes so that you feel confident to create your own choreography and playlists! 

Prefer choreography ready to go? There is a library of choreography on your instructor portal to choose from to ramp up your playlist!


Are there any assessments?

We don't believe in formal assessments, we want to break down mental health related barriers to exercise and that starts with our instructors! No more feeling anxious about being put on the spot and assessed under pressure. We are all here to learn and grow together so that we can shine like the brightest diamonds!

All we ask is if you train on demand you complete our questionnaires to help reinforce understanding and take advantage of the on demand choreography workshop and feedback to us, if you want to film your fun, fabulous moves feel free to send us them!

Do I need any qualifications?

A L2 group exercise to music qualification or equivalent or the intention to complete within 6 months of your training is preferred. If you do not hold any formal dance or fitness qualifications, please check first with your insurance provider that they will cover you for public liability. 

We highly recommend the Mental Health Awareness course from our friends at the Community Fitness Network, this will include your Mental Health First aid and dive into more detail on the topics we will cover in your training and greatly expand your knowledge and understanding of mental health related conditions and how to support your clients.

Decades Reloaded instructors get a 10% discount off the original MH Awareness course price. (Subject to T&C's)



There is a full catalogue of marketing materials to help you advertise your classes on your instructor portal ready to use.

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